• Good - Begin your journey right away with your free gift of the A-Z Wellness MasterClass & The BraveHeart Emotional Intelligence MasterClass. You will also get invited into the exclusive BodyPROUD Support Community where you can connect and engage with others and win badges, rewards and experiences. This is where you can access information, inspiration and insights to help you love better how you think, feel, act, look, function and dream. Invites will be sent out the end of March 2023 :)

  • Better - Everything above plus The Perfect Day Guide, a pdf with over 300 pages of health, fitness, nutrition, wellness and emotional intelligence information. Includes invitation to participate in group support calls, and coming soon, live in person BodyPROUD Gatherings taking place worldwide

  • Best - This is for you only if you are ready to take massive personal action. Includes everything above PLUS a One-to-One Consultation & Intake Session with a BodyPROUD Ambassador, who will also be Your Personal Accountability Partner for the first 90 days on your journey to Love Better How You Think, Feel, Act, Look, Function and Dream


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